Lulu Properties Real Estate Website

  • Client: Lulu Properties
  • Website:
  • What They Do: Lulu Properties is a property management brand in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Scope Of Work

Lulu Properties owns and operates apartments in and around Cincinnati. With a decent website in place, the brand needed to elevate the usefulness of their websites to their tenants, many of whom are Millenials. Brand Shepherd was brought onboard to help create a website that not only elevated the brand, but also create practical usefulness for Lulu Properties tenants.

The idea was to use a pre-existing, trusted, highly-rated WordPress theme for real estate, and then customize it to meet the specific needs of Lulu tenants. We found exactly what we sought, and simplified navigation down to the 3 things tenants and prospect tentants care about: Current availability, what properties Lulu owns, and a “tentant hub,” where tentants can do a number of tasks.

With the Current Availability page, we lead with an interactive Google Map so Cincinnati renters can see what neighborhoods Lulu is renting in. Cincinnati is a very provintial city where neighborhoods are everything, so this was the obvious place to start.

Second in priority is a list of the properties Lulu owns and rents from. Tied directly to the neighborhoods, the properties are the next granular level of info renters need to know about. Each property has an overview of amenities and the unique things about that property.

Lastly is what we call the Tenant Hub. Here is where Lulu Properties tentants can pay their rent online, update their personal information, and apply (and pay for) a rental application. It’s the functional detail that makes this website not only useful to prospects, but to current and future Lulu Properties renters.

The website is a responsive website, meaning it will display great on any device – phone, tablet, desktop – and is set up for great organic search results, and Lulu Properties is happy with their new website.

Services Utilized

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Assets