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  • What They Do: Know Allergies is the manufacturer of granola bars that are free of the Big 8 food allergens.

Know Allergies™ is a startup with a purpose: Give people with gluten and peanut allergies options for great tasting snacks. So when Know Allergies needed a brand refresh for their bars, we worked hand-in-hand with the founder, Amos, to develop vibrant branding for their bars and point of sale boxes.

The approach here was to carry over what Know Allergies had started. Up to this point labels for bars were being printed and applied by hand, and with big distribution plans, a more traditional process of form-seal film packaging for the bars, packed in point of sale boxes was in order. Aesthetically we carried over the Know Allergies treatments for its typogrpahy, while changing the actual typefaces to more readily available and professonal versions. We then took the previous branding patterns, as they had no purpose on the packaging, and implemented a stylized slash-mark – you know, the circle with a slash through it, a la the ‘no smoking’ symbol – that repeats as a pattern throughout the bars and boxes.

Each bar and each box has a unique color combination that gives nod to the flavor of each bar. Obviously we’re biased here, but the flavor of Know Allergies’ bars are incredible. Sometimes bars that tout not having an incredient seem to also not taste good. This is not the case with these bars.

They are delicious, and you can order some for yourself here, or ask for them at your local grocery store.

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“Brand Shepherd does an amazing job! I highly recommend them… unless you’re going to take all their time because I don’t want to lose them from my team. Whatever you need they get it done. From 20 ft backdrops to my granola bar packaging they take my ideas and turn them into a reality! Truly awesome!”

Amos Bartlett • Know Allergies, founder

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