Insurance Agency Renaming and Rebranding

  • What They Do: IndePro is an independent insurance brokerage in Northern Kentucky with a 30+ year history.

For 30+ years, Auton Insurance in Northern Kentucky had been a name in local insurance that people had come to know. Whether by seeing the sign for the agency along the road, a radio ad on WNKU from campus, or simply word-of-mouth, Auton was an established insurance agency.

The agency eventaully changed owners, and while the Auton name remained, the new owners wanted to breathe fresh life into the brand. The only problem with that is 30+ years ago Google did not exist, and so people did not search for insurance using a tool like Google that auto-completes their search queries. Just try typing in “auton insurance” to a search engine, and you will see the problem: These tools we use every day make an established brand like Auton problematic because the technology wants to think on our behalf by assuming we meant to type “auto insurance.”

This was just a taste of the challenges they faced as they wanted to give the agency a fresh face. Other challenges came up, and so the owners decided a new name was needed.

Brand Shepherd was hired to help rename the agency, and then develop a fresh new identity for the new name.


Our process began, as it always does, with listening. We listened to what the owners wanted in a new name, what it should feel like, how it could be used, what aspirations they had for it. After distilling what we heard, we set out to develop the first of several sets of new names. In all of our lists we made recommendations for what were the strongest contenders in our estimation. We sometimes applied color to the background of a name to communicate feelings and tone, but we kept the logo creation process for after a name was picked.

Through several rounds of name ideation, as well as considering a few final choices, the owners landed on the new name: IndePro™. It is a nod to “independent professional,” and it met all of the criteria the insurance agency’s owners wanted in a new name.

A New Identity

We crafted a lot of different ways of presenting the new name, but in the end simple typography won the day. By using a thin/thick combination in the name, we made the new identity distinctive and professional in presentation. And while the name is spelled with initial caps for each of the phonic breaks in the name, the logo presents it in all caps because it displays the name best.

The icon for IndePro was developed as a separate process, as were the colors for the identity system. Through an iterative process, we arrived at the full new identity. Because we knew that IndePro would need to use their new identity in a variety of formats, we created an identity system with forethought into how the logos should be used.

By also providing IndePro with a brand identity user guide, as do for all brand identity projects, they and the other vendors they hire that will use this new logo are equipped to use it correctly. We provided typography guidance and a set of logo files that can be used both in-house and by professional service vendors for things like signage, apparel, and in-office documents.

The end result is a fresh name and identity for a brand that is firmly established for continued success.

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