Honey For Goodness Sake Packaging

  • What They Do: Honey For Goodness Sake™ is the product of an urban apiarist.

Honey For Goodness Sake™ brand honey is grown by an apiarist from Cleveland, Ohio. Sold primarily at farmer’s markets, and small retail venues, Honey For Goodness Sake™ asked us to create a their brand identity, and then create the consumer packaging for the full line of products.

We started with an on-target brand identity that keeps the simplicity of the context these products are sold, but gives the brand a solid visual identity. We then explored and created a series of consistent consumer packaging solutions that are low cost to reproduce, and allow space on some products for sellers to write in the specific type of honey being sold. In this example, we have used Clover Honey.

The line of products includes two types of all natural salve in tins, all natural lip balm, a squeeze bottle of honey, and a large jar of honey. For everything we designed labels that can be printed digitally for low-run quantities, or for high volume as Honey For Goodness Sake™ grows. The lineup is a very appealing group of all natural products made by and with honey.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding