Grace Evangelical Free Church Logo & Website

Grace Evangelical Free Church has been a faithful community of worship for Christians in the greater Cincinnati area for nearly three decades, and while they have had a cumulative brand as a result of their longevity, they had not yet had a visual brand to represent the church. Since Brand Shepherd owners, Dan and Andrea Crask, are members of Grace, we were delighted to craft a brand identity for them.

The idea here is that grace, in the context of Christianity, only makes sense in light of the messiness of life and humanity’s innate condition as rebellious toward God. Grace is offered as a means of cleaning away the messiness, and so in the logo we created, we tried to capture this idea by having the “G” of Grace begin removing the mess below it.

Typographically, we spent a lot of time exploring fonts that could capture the personality of Grace Evangelical Free Church. On one hand, it’s a very welcoming place; very friendly. Yet it does not treat God’s word as trivial or something to prove a topical point. The style of teaching is expositional, and it attracts a lot of intelligent people who are looking for more than just 5 Ways To Improve Life kinds of teaching. This is a place of great depth, so finding the right typography that captured it was an important task.

Collectively, the Grace logo captures this church very well. We took the expressions from this new logo and applied it to a new website for them.

One thing that can be said about American Christian church websites, in general, is that most of them are terrible. So, the top-level goal was to not make a terrible website for Grace.

The website serves two distinct audiences who have very different purposes in mind when visiting.

Audience #1 are members of Grace who listen to sermons each week, get information about upcoming events, etc. Audience #2 are people who are researching a new church to visit, and they want to get a sense of the vibe of the place before they visit.

This website meets the needs of both audiences, and because it’s mobile-friendly, it is just as easily read on a couch after putting the kids to bed as it is on a phone while waiting for food to be served. Sermons are available to listen to both on the website, and we also set it up so each week’s message can be delivered to iTunes for the Grace podcast as well.

Take a look at Grace’s website »

The end result of these projects is a church that has a visual brand that captures who it truly is, now with a digital presence that is truly serving its current future people.

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