Elite Signature DJ Service

  • Client: Elite Signature DJ Service
  • Website: https://elitesignaturedjs.com/
  • What They Do: Elite Signature DJ Service is a DJ service that provides music and more for weddings, corporate events, parties, and other occasions.

Scope Of Work

When we started our business in 2006, one of the businesses we had the pleasure helping within our first 5 years was Elite Signature DJ Service, or ESDJ. At the time, their DJ’ing service was starting, too, and they needed a brand identity and website. We created both for them, and the website lasted many years as they grew. Recently they came to a point where having a new website was needed because the website we created way-back-when was not mobile-friendly.

We set out to create a website that kept the website mostly familiar to ESDJ customers, yet made changes to its flow and ability to accommodate any screen. The final product did just that, and now ESDJ is set to grow into this website for years to come. We’re proud to do business with them.

Services Utilized

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development


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