Dinovite For Cats

  • Client: Dinovite
  • What They Do: Dinovite For Cats is a supplement that provides cats all of the necessary good stuff that gets baked out of kibble or processed out of most wet food. Cats have healthier coats, less shedding, improved digestion, and much more.

Dinovite For Cats has been around for a while, but until now, has not had its own brand that is unique to cats. Sure, we used cat images, and cat people love the product, but Dinovite believed that if we could really show how much the brand understands and benefits cats, there could be a lot of healthier cats out there.

So we set to scrapping all previous Dinovite For Cats brand development and started from scratch.

This brand benefitted from the fact that most of the Brand Shepherd team are cat people. We love our cats. We get them. We really get cats.

What that allowed us to pursue was to show a more true cat attitude and less of the “happy” cat images that, let’s face it, are 100% not cats at all.

Cats are sassy, full of personality, and most are “happiest” when ruling over their dominion.

And so it was that the new Dinovite For Cats was reborn.

It wasn’t just rebranding, though: Dinovite keeps the pulse on the science of what’s best for cats and added the appropriate amount of taurine to make it even better.

Our role was what we have done for Dinovite since 2008: We develop the brand, apply it to product packaging, then when the product is in production, we develop marketing assets, product detail pages for the e-comm website, landing pages for high conversion, and a lot more.

  • Brand & Product Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Packaging Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Sales Literature & Advertising
  • Paid Social Media Ad Units
  • Email Creative

Dinovite For Cats was relaunched with a focus on telling cat people: We know what cats are like, and we LOVE it.

The paid social ads lead to the Dinovite For Cats landing pages, A/B tested.

“We trust who we are to Brand Shepherd!”

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