Constant Organizational Development

  • Client: Constant Organizational Development
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  • What They Do:“Training, consulting and on-demand resources for organizations and leaders who pursue high performing, engaged cultures.”

In their own words, Constant Organizational Development (COD) provides “training, consulting and on-demand resources for organizations and leaders who pursue high performing, engaged cultures.” To do this, the COD brand is made up of four sub-brands, one each for its current core competencies: Employee Engagement, Leadership, Talent, and Performance Management.

The COD brand is the work of its founder, Stosh Walsh, who is a TEDx speaker, author, and seasoned pro in this niche development. The COD brand was designed to help those interested in these services but do so for soloprenuers, leaders within organizations, and enterprise departments.

Our role was to create the visual branding for COD by way of a new brand identity, then create an engaging website with courses for learning to be sold via e-commerce.

Brand Identity

Let’s address the elephant in the room: “Constant Organizational Development” is a lot of letters to absorb, let alone type out each time. That’s why, when we set out to create the COD brand identity, we wanted to focus on the word that we believed people within the demographic we would be talking with would be intrigued by: Constant.

Within this niche, these people interface with the other words of the brand and sub-brands frequently. So, on one hand, it’s familiar and tells them that COD speaks their language, knows what they’re doing. Yet, on the other hand, these familiar, often-used words create a challenge, in that they need to be set apart.

That’s where Constant comes in, and it’s why we made the “C” the focal point of the parent brand identity and sub-brands. When “Constant” is added to the other more common words for this audience, it does a nice job of creating intrigue and creates the stopping power to question what is “constant” about this brand. There is a lot of implied value with “constant” as well: It means that the materials and services supplied by COD will be constantly making use of present-day best practices. COD will be constantly available to help as organizations grow. The COD wording for the parent and sub-branding has a lot of value tied into its words, and so felt it wise to create visual branding for them that captured it, with a color and typography palette that could be utilized across myriad touch points.


The COD website was built in two phases:

  1. Core functionality to inform and generate leads.
  2. Then add a Content Store where COD courses and other online learning content can be sold, used, and tracked.

Everything we created was built on WordPress, and the very best available resources for WordPress, especially for the emerging online learning platform, or Learning Management System (LMS), as it’s called. For Phase One, the core website uses a design that is mobile-friendly, so all content can be accessed and used on any device. For Phase Two, the courses and lessons are primarily 30+ videos per course, sold in a variety of topics. As participants go through each course on COD’s website, analytical data is available for the organizations that purchased the courses to know what has been learned and when.

Since everything is created on WordPress, COD can update, edit, and add to their content with ease and from any device. The LMS platform we use is able to grow with COD as well, with capabilities that COD can add and promote as new features down the road.

Overall, it’s a website that suits their needs now and has plenty of room to grow into as well.

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