• What They Do: Atlas10™ is on the forefront of innovation in facility management.

Scope Of Work

Brand Identity

Atlas10™ is on the forefront of innovation in facility management. Using various technologies to to pinpoint areas at a facility, Atlas10™ harvests a variety of data for facility managers into a tool used for getting apples-to-apples quotes from suppliers and vendors. Brand Shepherd worked with Atlas10™ to take this rather complex and esoteric concept, and hone it into a simple brand identity that, to the appropriate audience, would be a big umbrella from which Atlas10™ can tell its story. To the average viewer this logo won’t mean much. To a facility manager, it opens all sorts of doors to efficiencies.

Pitch Deck

After completing the brand identity, we then moved into creating a sales tool for Atlas10™ that could be used on the web, on-screen, or printed out as a leave-behind. This tool walks through the process, value propositions, deliverables, and why a facility manager should hire Atlas10™. We cannot show the entire piece, but here are two screens from the sales tool that help tell the story. Because Brand Shepherd had already created the logo, creating the aesthetics was a natural fit. We also had efficiencies of having already understood the big idea, instead of Atlas10™ having to communicate it to a new design firm.

Services Utilized

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • Sales Literature & Advertising