Allie’s Walkabout

Allie’s Walkabout is a lot of things to a lot of dogs and their owners. It’s a doggy daycare, it’s boarding, grooming, training, and just about the most fun place you will ever take a dog. Allie’s hired us to capture the vibe one gets when they drop off their dog by creating a new brand identity.

The first thing we did was pay a visit to Allie’s Walkabout so we could see and feel the energy the dogs have while staying for a while. We were blown away by how much the dogs seemed to be enjoying themselves. We also digested Allie’s Walkabout’s social media with Instagram and Facebook photos, both of which provide photographic proof of why a dog would love a stay there.

Our work was to take all these feelings, as well as the aspirations for the growth of the brand and put it into a brand identity that captured everything.

Through a lot of creative exploration in typography, form, color, and elements we arrived at the logo you see above. Allie’s Walkabout is happy, the dogs are happy, and that’s about all that matters.

  • Brand Strategy & Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Apparel Branding Guidance
  • Social Media Assets

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