• Website: http://www.247inktoner.com
  • What They Do: 247inktoner.com sells ink and toner for desktop, commercial, and office equipment in a fun and refreshing way.

We have really been enjoying the collaboration of ideas with 247inktoner.com over the last several months. From refining the focus of their website, to marketing email campaigns, and now to the creation of hand-crafted custom brand mascots to help market 247inktoner.com.

The initial idea was simple: Create a mascot that was brand-appropriate, different from what competitors do, and yet be fun and playful. A few ideas were bandied back and forth, when we had an Ah-Ha! Moment: What if instead of a single mascot, we have four mascots… C, M, Y, and K? Sure, current printer models print in a variety of other inks, but it always comes back to CMYK as how color comes to life on the printed page. We talked through a few iterations, and began to develop the mascots, each with their own unique personalities.

Monthly Marketing

One big difference Brand Shepherd offers is that when we create something for a client, we typically create it so it can be used across myriad channels – web, print, packaging, apparel, etc. This kind of thinking allows us to easily be efficient with the brand assets we create.

In the case of 247inktoner.com’s CMYK mascots, we use them each month for a different theme. The mascots reinforce a monthly coupon, which is sent to an opt-in email list. The creative we make for the coupon is then re-purposed for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus covers and avatars. So each month customers are getting coupons they have asked for, and the social media being used to reinforce the marketing is branded to that month’s theme. It’s a very efficient use of that which we create, and it’s a good example of how we approach everything we do.


Simplicity is also what they wanted in a change to their home page user interface (UI). Over time the messaging had become cluttered, and a clear call to action was lost in all the helpful things they need to communicate to their customers. Brand Shepherd was approached with a challenge: Make the home page UI much simpler and streamlined with the goal of increasing conversions. Challenge accepted.

We set out to prioritize what was most-to-least important on the page, and we had a ton of help from 217inktoner.com. We honed our attention on two things: The finder tool, and the value propositions. From there we simply set out to design a solution to visually communicate to folks who come to the website, “Here’s what we want you to do (find ink or toner fast and with simple ease), and here’s what you need to know about us.”

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