?? FAIL ??

THE GOOD: sending print projects to an online printer is a way to get decent print at a low cost.

THE BAD: an online printer doesn’t have *any* cares to give if what you uploaded is obviously wrong because the uploader (Brand Shepherd) misunderstood the orientation.

THE TRUTH: we’ve entrusted this online printer with quick turn, low quantity work for over a decade. It’s perfect for disposable print work, and the quality does not look cheap. But when they switched to the website redesign and moved to their .com, stuff like this has been popping up and is expensive to fix.

Specifically, the orientation cues are non-existent. It’s your guess if this is a turn-and-flip, or just flip, or if what we’re looking at is adjusted for viewer orientation, OR if we’re looking at press orientation.


At first glance, it is all our fault.

A deeper look reveals a bad UX, and now diminished trust in a brand we’ve trusted for a long time.