In any premium kitchen, the head chef does wonders because the sous chef keeps the ingredients and processes flowing in order.

A reputable dentist performs efficient work for patients because the dental assistant has the tools and process flowing in an effortless order.


Have you ever watched the first Batman movie starring Christian Bale? Morgan Freeman plays Bale’s righthand man, creating all the gear and weaponry Batman could ever need to face the bad guys.


The common thread in every one of those scenarios is that the person-behind-the-person is an expert generalist… just like Brand Shepherd.

Experts, because each is working within a niche that requires specialized skills and experience. Our niche is products.

Generalists, because those they serve are facing myriad challenges – different menu orders, different mouths, different bad guys, different bodies. We work with digital and tangible products and sometimes productized services.

Product Expert Generalists.

For those who are newly acquainted with Brand Shepherd, it can sometimes be a hard sell that we thrive as product expert generalists because recent group-think, thanks largely to search engines that dominate our lives with an endless need for specificity, have brainwashed a lot of professionals into thinking that generalists no longer have a role in business and commerce.

We disagree.

Look at any thriving brand or business and you will find people capable of, and engaged in, expert-generalist work. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Google is the example the anti-generalists like to cite because Google Search requires us to feed it very specific, non-generalized queries in order to provide the most valuable information.

Yet Google is a great example of the Product Expert Generalist because of one simple question: What does Google do?

For that matter, what does Apple, J&J, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, your local hardware store, etc. do?

They all make, sell, and manage a variety of tangible and digital products, alongside productized services.

They all are product expert generalists, even when they hire strict experts within their product offerings.

They, like Brand Shepherd, are part of a bigger picture than the hyper-specialist niche.

A Product Brand’s Secret Weapon

The brands and businesses we serve do so well because they have that person-behind-the-person learning their needs so we can be there before they know they need it.

It’s a cliche these days to say it, but here it’s true that we’ve developed a true partnership over the years for the product brands we serve.

We are their product expert generalists.

It’s because of our expert generalist approach – we are not merely experts at websites or just logos or just packaging.

We’re experts at the many general needs brands have to sell their products and services, and we’ve yet to see it not be a huge benefit for their bottom lines.

Maybe yours too? Let’s talk.

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