Legal Guidance For Starting A New Brand with Attorney Derrick Davis

Attorney Derrick Davis is our guest on this episode of the Brand Shepherd podcast. 

TOPIC:  Legal Guidance For Starting A New Brand.

COVID-19 will spur a lot of new entrepreneurs, new businesses.

  • New businesses will need to develop a brand for themselves, which we have covered in the 5 Ingredients podcast.

  • New businesses will also need legal guidance as they start or expand.
  • We will talk about what that looks like.
STARTING OUT: navigating legalities of getting started
  • Type of business (LLC, Sole Prop, etc.).
  • Naming for a new business or brand extension.
  • Protect the IP.
  • Mystery Solved: TM or © ®?! When to do what.
GROWTH: businesses/brand that is using this time to work ON their brands/businesses
  • Naming the brand extension(s) — what’s taken, when to accept risk.
  • Every business takes on risk — what are some common risks a new business or new brand growth will want to be cautious about?
  • Trouble: what value does someone like you bring to the table when a cease and desist letter arrives, or some other kind of trouble?
  • Trouble: similarly, what if another new business steals your IP?
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