? Today we have to say goodbye to Jake, the border collie who was a faithful member of the Crask family, and the inspiration for our business name.

The idea of ‘shepherding’ a brand was inspired by this dear member of our family. He loves structure, herding sheep (or kids) and whatever else we aim to get in order.

We had a picture in our head of Jake herding brand assets instead of sheep: Jake was moving around, getting logos, web sites, packaging, print, etc. into cohesive, consistent order instead of being scattered everywhere.

Some assets were totally lost, some were underfed, and some were just old and no longer agile.

But soon enough Jake had all the assets back in order, and they were all well cared for, bleating in harmony, and all was well with the flock.

And so Jake inspired us to become Brand Shepherd. His legacy lives on.

Rest In Peace, Jake.
You were a good dog. A very good dog.