Gutenberg: The Coming WordPress Doomsday?

A huge change is coming to WordPress in the coming weeks: Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is WordPress’ whole new editor, but it is also the first in a three-step overhaul WordPress is making to itself that will totally change how we create.

So, this is a big deal, worthy of our time and attention.

Gutenberg will replace the current editor area that looks like Microsoft Word when creating a Post or Page. It looks like this:

The gist is that WordPress wants to start doing away with themes and equip creators to have a more visual creation experience.

Brand Shepherd believes the near future of website creation is in a themeless ecosystem. WordPress believes this, too, and that’s why Gutenberg is such a big deal – it’s their first step toward that reality.

The bad news.

In one of the next WordPress updates, the new Gutenberg editor will come with WordPress by default, and has a mixed probability of breaking your website.

While WordPress has had Gutenberg in development for over a year, their main focus is on itself, and not the tens-of-thousands of third-party themes and Plugins.

Now, about Gutenberg possibly breaking your website:

“Break” might be your website becoming completely non-functional, or it might only be some funky visuals.

Or your website might end up totally fine. We won’t know until it is installed.

Gutenberg is available to start using now, but since the current release is not the final release version, we truly don’t know what’s coming until it’s rolled out.

The good news.

You can elect to continue using the Classic Editor…for now.

We don’t know yet when WordPress will make Gutenberg mandatory for all WordPress-powered websites.

When you log in to your website, you will likely be greeted with a big box that tells you Gutenberg is coming, and how you can elect to install the Classic Editor.

We suggest doing that so that Gutenberg has less probability of breaking your website.

The cost.

Gutenberg may require your website to need some work, now or eventually, to either keep it in working condition or enhance its capabilities.

If that ends up being the case for your website, we invite you to work with us to create either a Gutenberg-friendly website or one that captures the next iteration of your brand’s website altogether.

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