We are happy to announce that Brand Shepherd now offers video production as a service. Over the last several months we have quietly produced videos for a select few brands we work with, and getting our team together to make the best video content for those brands. We now have a YouTube channel set up that shows the work we have created.

Video production is a natural fit for Brand Shepherd because it fits so well with the needs of the brands we serve. As the needs of our clients grow, so does Brand Shepherd. By producing branded video content, we get to continue shepherding the brand into a medium that is used to tie everything together and tell the brand story like nothing else.

We have a team in place that is extremely efficient. We are capable of filming our own footage under the creative direction of Brand Shepherd leadership and our clients. But we can also use previously filmed and stock video to produce great content.

Video Production Services:

  • Filming
  • Post-Production Editing
  • Special Effects
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-Over Narration
  • Music
  • Finished Videos Ready For Social Media

Let’s talk about producing a video together.


We are making a potentially risky move with our social media activity as we head into 2016. First, we will say what we plan to do, then explain why.

The Plan: What’s Out

  • We will cease daily activity in our Google Plus brand page.
  • Twitter activity will slow from a daily tweet to tweeting occasionally.

The Plan: What’s In

  • You’ll begin seeing a lot more activity on our YouTube channel.
  • Daily activity will begin again for our old, but not forgotten, Facebook page.
  • Soon, you can follow us on Instagram (update coming soon).

We hope you’ll follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook to continue seeing our daily updates and shares.

The Why

After Google streamlined Google Plus, it has become increasingly unclear what the vision is for Brand Pages. Some of the things we loved most about “Old” Plus are now buried somewhere in a haze of terrible UI. Rather than devote our time to figuring out Google’s mess, we are dusting off our old Facebook page and posting there daily instead. Facebook seems to have businesses in mind for their tools in a way that Plus (or whatever it is now) does not. Boosting a post on Facebook is lightyears ahead of what Google seems to want from Pages. With New Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any calls to action, and whatever SEO benefits there used to be are being stripped away.

As for Twitter, we have always had a love/hate relationship with that platform. Actually, mostly hate…ok, that’s strong…mostly strong dislike? Yeah. That. The reason is that mature adults should communicate in more than 140 characters. Period. To us, Twitter dumbs down any and all conversations. But more importantly than the doltish method of socializing, Twitter ranks pretty far down the list in terms of measurable ROI. We have never seen a single project or prospective client approach us because of (in part or in whole) Twitter, and that’s in spite of our profile page having a Page 1 Google ranking when searching for “brand shepherd.” So we will continue to post to Twitter now and then, but it is not performing to the degree that warrants continued attention.

What we like about Facebook is that it appears they listened to brands and businesses in terms of the tools everyone wanted. We don’t mind paying to play, but give us the audience if we pay. From what we have researched on- and off-line, Facebook is delivering. So we will shift back to Facebook for daily posts.

For us, though, LinkedIn is our social media powerhouse, and we have no plans to change anything about how we use LinkedIn. It’s been such a great resource for qualified businesses to find, vet, and contact us. Our Google Analytics tells the same story.

So that’s our plan for 2016. Of course, everything is subject to change. If Google gets their Plus act together, or finds a way for brand pages to stand on their own apart from Plus (as is hinted at in the great dedicated mobile My Business apps from Google), then we’ll give that some love. For now, we press on with a focus on Facebook and YouTube. We hope you’ll follow us to see how we do.


Brand Shepherd has been invited to collaborate with Johnson & Johnson’s 3d Printing Center Of Excelence for advancements in healthcare. We are nothing short of honored to work with this brand. We are also absolutely willing to honor our NDA, which will prevent us from sharing specifics about what we do with J&J. So, no details will be forthcoming. Suffice to say, we are thrilled to work with Johnson & Johnson.


Congratulations to ILS for winning 4 awards at the Print Industries of Ohio’s 2015 Print Excellence Awards!

We are thrilled to be part of the success ILS is experiencing from the “Hit A Home Run with Digital Print” promo with ILS and HP®. Take a look at what we created together.

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We are eager to put on our new colors, logo, website, and more by unveiling our refreshed branding for Brand Shepherd. It has been in the works for the past six months because this is more than just new colors, new logo, and a new website.

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Dan Crask will be a guest on The Gary Smith Show on 1 November 2014 at 11:00am to 12:00pm (Eastern Time) to discuss “Why WordPress Is Like Building A Deck.” This is an audio companion to Dan’s recent post, “WordPress Themes and Deck Lumber.”



Heads up: If your business website runs on WordPress, the last of the betas is now released, and they are aiming to release WordPress 4.0 this month. 

I’ll spare the details on what WordPress 4.0 is going to give us in terms of new features. You can find that either via the link above, or just wait for the big release later in August.

Instead, the point of this post is:

Start getting ready.

Get the team together, and either make a plan or find out what the plan is.

Don’t have a plan? Has it been months or years since your web team met to talk about improvements? Now is the time to do that.

Be proactive, not reactive.

WordPress 4.0 is not going to be just about an improved WordPress. It is also going to mean all of the Plugins, custom work, and outside services you use will update to comply with 4.0 too.

I recently learned of an e-commerce retailer who had not updated their WordPress website, Plugins, etc. in over two years. Their website stopped taking sales, and the owners wondered what broke? The short answer to their question was: Everything broke.

Not updating WordPress, Plugins, etc. not only leaves the website wide open to hacks and attacks, but it also lags behind what your supported services are developing for.

The e-commerce Plugin they were using had stopped supporting the very old version of WordPress the website still used, and thus sales stopped coming in. That e-commerce retailer ended up paying over $1k to get their website current.

Be proactive about WordPress 4.0, not reactive. Don’t wait until something breaks or stops working.

Back it up.

If you’re not doing so already, your website should be backed up on a regular basis. If you have a high traffic website, back it up daily or weekly. More static websites with low activity can probably get away with less frequent backups.

An opportunity?

Maybe WordPress 4.0 is the gentle push you need to make all those changes you’ve been wanting to make to the website. You’ll be updating the backend of the website anyway, so it may be time to give your customers and prospects a fresh experience. This is my soft sell, because you know…we create websites.


Brand Shepherd is featured as WCPO.com’s “Business of the Week” in a simple profile about who we are, what we do, and some additional basic information. It is not a flashy media piece, no big announcements, but it sure is something we are grateful for and honored to be part of. Thank you, WCPO, for contacting us to do this!

We are pleased and excited to add Wright State University’s College of Nursing and Health (CONH) to Brand Shepherd’s growing base of health-care organizations that we work with to improve and advance their brand messaging. While we cannot yet disclose the work we will be creating with CONH, we are honored that they chose Brand Shepherd to work with. With health-care on the mind of millions of Americans, we believe that effective brand messaging for health-care organizations will provide competitive advantages for gaining consumer awareness and trust.