It’s worth mentioning that timing is one of the top relationship killers between creative teams and those they serve.

Whom we get feedback from is equally important as getting the actual feedback, so it is important to ask the right people for feedback. There is a temptation, however, to ask the nearest trusted warm-body: The spouse, co-worker, best friend, trusted advisor, etc.

“I’ll know it when I see it” is a phrase creatives hear a lot, and it’s a phrase we can usually resonate with quite well. Sometimes we don’t know, specifically, what we are about to create. We just have a hunch, intuition, or shadow of an idea. The end result will show itself along the way. We completely understand the “I’ll know it when I see it” mentality. It is a perfectly normal creative process.

If there’s one thing professional creative teams loathe, it’s being hired for a gig, then being directed, step-by-step, how something should look or function.At best, it sends contradictory messages.

Whether you have hired an agency, or are working with an in-house department, there are ways to get the best work from your creative team.You have expectations of getting ideas brought to life for the betterment and profitability of the product, and your creative team wants to unleash their power on your product to make it worthy of their portfolio and bragging rights. It should be a win-win thing, right?

Brand Shepherd is rolling out a new way to learn what we believe to be true about product branding: The Brand Shepherd Podcast.

This is a product-focused podcast that will explore the various approaches, best practices, expertise, and experts in products, guided and brought to you by Brand Shepherd.

Today we announce a focused direction for Brand Shepherd, one that specializes in working with the kinds of brands we find ourselves working with most often, resulting in years-long productive relationships: Brands that make, sell, or manage products.

Cincinnati, Ohio ABC News affiliate, WCPO 9 On Your Side, interviewed Brand Shepherd Creative Director, Dan Crask, for a take on a new niche sports apparel brand aimed specifically at tennis enthusiasts.

It was a pleasure to contribute some thoughts on why this new tennis apparel brand could be a big hit with its customers.

Or read the full article on WCPO’s website here »

We are thrilled to share an article written about us from What’s Up Wyoming, a community news source from the small suburb of Wyoming, Ohio, near Cincinnati, where we are headquartered.

A huge change is coming to WordPress in the coming weeks: Gutenberg.

Gutenberg is WordPress’ whole new editor.

It will replace the current editor area that looks like Microsoft Word when creating a Post or Page.