A New Era For Brand Shepherd

Focusing On Products

Since 2006, Brand Shepherd has been a generalist creative agency working with brands of all sizes.

We fully embraced the generalist approach to our work and welcomed any brand of any type or size to work with.

Today that changes.

The next chapter of Brand Shepherd’s life is to focus in on building, branding, guiding better products.

Today we announce a focused direction for Brand Shepherd, one that specializes in working with the kinds of brands we find ourselves working with most often, resulting in years-long productive relationships: Brands that make, sell, or manage products.

Product brands get the most value from Brand Shepherd’s expertise in 3 areas:

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Product Package Branding
  • and Product Brand Identity Design

Products have a lot of needs.

There’s always something that the products need: A new innovation to bring to market, a sub-brand, a line extension to attract a niche audience, better practices, and on-going entanglement between the tangible and digital product relationships.

Our customers get the most value from working with us through the three areas listed above because they meet the on-going needs of thriving products.

Our long relationships with digital, tangible, and service product brands – in some cases, spanning over a decade! – tell us that products are where we do our best work and provide the most value. So products are our focus from this day forward.

Building, Branding, Guiding Better Products™

This is our statement of what we do.

Building. The deepest area of growth for us in recent years is UX and UI Design (aka User Experience and User Interface) for digital and tangible products. Whether we are building various digital products, researching customer journeys and user behavior or understanding the nuances of how product package branding continues to sell to consumers once it’s in their home; Building better products is a huge part of what we do.

Branding. We are a creative agency, one that creates compelling visual Branding. That will not change. It is what we have always done and now it will focus on products.

Guiding. The word Shepherd is in our name for a variety of reasons, but most of all it is our belief that we are sought out to help guide brands we work with. Guidance shows up in a lot of ways, too; most of it is not visual at all. When we research the UX of a product with its users and use the findings to help build a product, that’s Guiding. When we help steer the visual appeal of a product’s packaging to meet the tastes of its intended consumer, that’s Guiding. When we help brands figure out the complex relationships between parent, child, and grandchild brands, that’s Guiding. Shepherd guide and this will continue to envelope everything we do.

What’s Next?

Below are a series of questions and answers we anticipate will be on the minds of those who have worked with us as a customer, vendor, or friend.

For some, yes, it is farewell. We believe we are doing some service brands right by saying up front that some will not fit our product focus.

However – because there’s always a “however,” right? – we issue this question for service brands: What service(s) can you productize?

Thinking like a product might just be the best thing you can do for your service business, and if that is something you would like to explore, Brand Shepherd would love to help you do it.

We are realists and so we don’t expect that keeping current on what we do is top-of-mind to even our most ardent supporters.

What’s more, with our prior generalist approach, it was hard to pinpoint just one thing we do other than to simply say that we are a creative agency. We were many things to many brands.

Yet consider this: the brands we have worked with the longest all make products.

When we sat down to look for trends and areas of Brand Shepherd where we can provide the most value, it was crystal clear that working with brands that make, sell, or manage products is where we have the most experience.

Most importantly, our work with product brands has yielded the best, most consistent ROI for our customers.

Going forward with a product focus is really a no-brainer. It’s been staring us in the face for some time.

It is true that we have always created websites, but the websites we help make for product brands tend to have a deeper understanding of the customers. We don’t just sling shiny pixels at a screen and hope it converts. No, for the brands that are serious about their products, we have always taken an immersive approach to understanding the minutia of what works and doesn’t work.

This goes beyond websites and into digital and tangible products, too. For a product to be purchased, it must appeal to some kind of emotion, and products that understand and address these emotions thrive.

It is worth mentioning, too, that UX has undergone a few different definition expansions in recent years.

Pre-digital age, UX designers were primarily industrial designers who design consumer products and wares. In the digital age, UX designers have gone from website designer/developer unicorns, to dedicated app customer journey specialists, to the present definition that relies heavily on research and data to lead decisions about how products address emotional wants and needs of users/customers. Even this definition will seem dated in five years.

The bottom line is that we have years of experience in every aspect that defines UX Design for products.

We believe a product is anything that can be reproduced at scale through a process. A product can be tangible, digital, a service, or even an idea, so long as it can be reproduced at scale through process.

When you think of Brand Shepherd, we hope you will begin to think of how we are building, branding, guiding better products.

We would love to hear feedback from you about this new chapter for Brand Shepherd. Questions, comments, or, if we are local to each other, grab coffee or a meal to talk about what we are doing? Send us a note below.


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