“Good” brands can be polarizing, but the market winners know the immense value created take making a stand for their ethics. Consumers are demanding action and smart companies know they prosper better than their brand is aligned to a purpose and purpose is aligned to their actions at every level.

Here are some of the points we cover to help understand and frame the seachanges happening right now:

  • Old model of business and branding.
  • Shifts into the emerging era.
  • Examples of purposeful brands and companies that have made a purposeful transformation.
  • How you can initiate this conversation at your organization—benefits include employee retention and engagement, more brand loyalty, increased revenue, and market share.

While listening to this episode, two things are likely going to happen:

  • You are going to want to take notes.
  • You are going to begin asking yourself how would your brand even begin to make the needed changes to your brand.

That is precisely what we answer in this jam-packed conversation.

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Michael Graber