We are excited to announce that Brand Shepherd has joined the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Joining this organization has been on our radar for some time, but it was always a “some day, when we have time…” item on our to-do list. It’s true that we must make time for the stuff that  matters to us, and in that spirit, Brand Shepherd made time to join the Cincinnati AMA.

What attracted us to the Cincinnati AMA?

The networking potential is the obvious draw to any chapter of the AMA, but with the Cincinnati chapter what closed the deal in our minds was how active the Linkedin groups are. Once we looked into it further, we saw that the activity on Linkedin is reflective of how active this group of marketing professionals are as a whole.

The Single Interest Groups (SIGs) were a big draw as well. “Marketing” is such a huge umbrella. It contains branding pros, advertising pros, creatives, writers, buyers, and myriad other professionals, each fitting into various niches. With the Cincinnati AMA SIGs we get to break into smaller groups for focused presentations and discussions. The smaller groups also make networking easier.

Seminars and the monthly luncheon were also part of what attracted us to the Cincinnati AMA. We looked at who was presenting, and on what topics – it was a no-brainer: It’s quality information being shared that is of immediate use to those who attend.

We have been part of other organizations such as chambers of commerce and business associations, yet they have not been the right fit, and in some cases we saw no ROI for our membership fees. With the AMA we see immediate benefits to making us a better design company, and involved in the Cincinnati marketing professionals community. We’re looking forward to an active calendar, and contributing what we can to the Cincinnati AMA.