This month Brand Shepherd turns 5 years old, and we are going to offer 5 blog posts over 5 days to mark our 5th year in business. Here’s what to expect:

  • Today: Thank You + Meet The Team
  • Tuesday: 5 Lessons Learned from Failure
  • Wednesday: 5 Lessons Learned from Success
  • Thursday: 5 Goals for the Next 5 Years
  • Friday: Our Startup Story

5yr_blockThank You

Before any of that gets started, though, we mark our 5th year in business with gratitude. For a lot of businesses the last five years have been very rocky, and some have had to close shop. The Great Recession provided uncertainty at best, and an unreasonable business environment at worst. Yet thanks to the people we work with, our little firm kept going, navigating our way around obstacles with loads of help from clients, peers, and friends.

So, thank you! To everyone who chose Brand Shepherd to work with, to everyone who referred us over and over, and to everyone who trusted us to build a brand shepherding relationship with your business: Thank you.

Andrea and I (Dan) are humbled when we think about it, and to be very honest with you, we thank God and pray for the people we work with and your businesses.

Meet The Team

In 2012 we sent out a survey to most of our clients and vendors to get a feel for how we are doing. The feedback was incredibly helpful. Thank you for everyone who took part in that survey.

One sentiment we heard several times was that a perception exists that Brand Shepherd is just me (Dan) with a company name for what I, alone, do. This couldn’t be further from reality, and it opened my eyes to a perception problem that I had created, since I am typically “the face” of the business. Given how hard we have worked to build a team of trusted and talented people over the years, fixing this perception became a top priority.

This website now features a page for our team, and on it you will see the people who do the bulk of the work. Brand Shepherd could not exist without these very valuable people working on everything we produce. While it’s true that I (Dan) am “the face” of the business, there’s a team working to produce great results. And in addition to these four, we have a few more designers, coders, and photographers whom we work with on many projects where a specialty skill or experience is needed.

The point is: Brand Shepherd is made up of a lot more than just me, and credit is due to the team that allows us to do what we do.


Tomorrow’s blog in this series of 5 Blogs Over 5 Days To Mark 5 Years In Business (that’s a long title!) is all about failure.

If you’ve read this blog for a while you know failure is a topic I like to write about. How much an organization or person embraces and expects failure is a direct indicator of how much success will be embraced and expected. Tomorrow’s blog entitled “5 Lessons Learned From Failure” will cover what we’ve learned from our various failures so far.

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