Products are needy.

It’s one thing to develop the actual product, but after that, there’s a wheel of needs that the product requires to sell and support it.

Branding needs, alone, start with product packaging for both in-store and online shelves. A website that is easy for the product buyers – procurement and consumers alike – is a must, as are the product videos and photos that place your product in the minds of your buyer. Social media sharables might be appropriate for the product too. Don’t forget printed sales materials, too. Tried-and-trusted sell sheets and brochures are still powerful leave-behinds. You can’t leave an iPad on the desk of every buyer you meet!

Before getting to the visuals, though, sometimes the product needs to refresh its driving force through a new brand development exercise. Even the longest-lasting brands need to have their brand voice clarified at intervals.

Each part is a spoke on a wheel of needs, and of the product is to be lasting in the market, absolute total consistency is required everywhere it is experienced.

This is why we believe every brand needs a shepherd, a Brand Shepherd. Take a look at what we mean:


Free Offer

To help gain your trust of our expertise, we are offering a free user experience audit of your brand’s website.

Why website?

A product’s web presence is one of the first touch points a person will look when vetting its quality and reputation. A user experience (UX) audit of a website is meant to provide you with a fresh perspective on what users experience, and specific areas where the website should be improved, as well as the areas that should be left as-is.

Our free offer includes:

  • A video screencast of the UX audit with commentary.
  • A PDF of the UX audit so you are not dependent on the video.
  • 20-30 minute meeting with the Brand Shepherd team to review our findings.

All told, we are offering up to 2 hours of our time at no cost to you to earn your trust, in hopes that we can work together on your brand.

Fill out the quick form below, and tell us a little or a lot about your brand. If you prefer to get right to the free audit, simply make sure that box is checked, and we’ll be in touch with an estimated completion time.

Need more info?

We understand and can appreciate the drive to know more before engaging. We invite you to look at 3 parts of our website:

  • Our Case Studies paints a great picture of the brands we’ve served over the last decade.
  • For a wider scope, look through Our Work, and sort by the project type you are most interested in.
  • Lastly, our new What We Do pages are a conversational approach to what we do for brands like yours.

If you would like to proactively get in touch sooner, you can call us at 513-377-0506.

Again, thank you for your interest in Brand Shepherd.