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We now have swag.

Announcing Brand Shepherd Apparel.
It only took 14 years, but we are happy to make Brand Shepherd apparel available. T’s for men, women, and kids, hoodies, even socks, all with the Brand Shepherd logo that we’ve heard people like a lot.

In addition to Brand Shepherd-branded apparel, you will find some other fun things on there, with more added as we build the shop up.

Legal Guidance For Starting A New Brand with Attorney Derrick Davis [Podcast]

Attorney Derrick Davis is our guest on this episode of the Brand Shepherd podcast. 
TOPIC: COVI-19 will spur a lot of new entrepreneurs, new businesses. Legal Guidance For Starting A New Brand.
New businesses will need to develop a brand for themselves, which we have covered in the 5 Ingredients podcast.
New businesses will also need legal guidance as they start or expand.
We will talk about what that looks like.

Part 5: The Chef • The 5 Key Ingredients To Creating An Exceptional Product Brand • by Brand Shepherd

These 4 ingredients we have covered so far are vital to brand development, but there is a 5th ingredient that needs to be mentioned as well:  A chef (aka, guide, shepherd) to help work through the process of brand development.

That would be us, Brand Shepherd.

Having a chef to guide brand development is obviously important from an expertise level. Brand and business stakeholders use experts for anything, from HVAC service to CPAs to facility maintenance and, yes, brand development.

Yet a guide is also important because having a mind from outside the brand will give the development process the perspective it needs to be successful.

Part 4: The Brand’s “Why?” • The 5 Key Ingredients To Creating An Exceptional Product Brand • by Brand Shepherd

Ingredients 1, 2, and 3 covered the essentials. A product brand cannot exist without developing its voice, knowing its customer personas, and having a smartly designed visual identity that captures both.

The next ingredient is something that has gradually evolved into a perceived essential ingredient in recent years thanks to a TEDx Talk.

By now, I actually have a lot of respect for anyone who is not at least a little familiar with Simon Sinek’s TEDx Talk about how brands should know the answer to the question: Why do we exist?

Part 2: Customer Personas • The 5 Key Ingredients To Creating An Exceptional Product Brand • by Brand Shepherd

Equally important to the brand’s voice is the customer persona the brand is talking to.

Brands that lack focus are not successful brands. You need to know who you are talking to, what their buying habits are, lifestyle choices, etc.

The brand voice will be compelling and even familiar when it speaks the sub-cultural language of its customers.

Raymond Loewy: The Godfather of UX • Part One: Meet The Man

What if I told you that the role of the User Experience – aka UX – expert on a product development team is not a role that emerged in the 2010s?

What if I told you that UX was a top concern for product brands in the 1930s?

And what if I told you that in the 1950s, UX, as we know it today, was born from the Godfather of UX by a French-born designer by the name of Raymond Loewy.

Well, it’s true. It’s all true.