Brand Shepherd has grown only by word-of-mouth referrals, and we think that’s pretty cool. Here are some of the nice things our clients have to say about us.

Most of you know the exceptional quality of the creative design graphics work delivered to us for our first edition of the 3D Printing Design Guidebook was the work from Dan Crask’s company, Brand Shepard. In spite of some of the challenges with this project, Dan and his team were always responsive, flexible and their work product was always first-rate.

Bernice Aboud, Engineering Fellow • Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing COE

“Brand Shepherd has been instrumental in the development of my brand’s marketing infrastructure, including design concept, brand identity, web & mobile presence, commercial tools like literature and booth materials, packaging reinvention, and more. Beyond providing expertise in design and marketing know-how, what I find most empowering is their ability to truly listen, understand, and help bring to life my business concepts, in an efficient, professional, and well-thought out manner. Perhaps most exemplary of their ability to truly ‘Shepherd’ my company’s brand, is the way in which they can anticipate some of our commercial and marketing needs, proactively managing the details on each project we work on, in a way that is consistent with the vision and execution we strive to achieve. I’m extremely pleased with all the work Brand Shepherd has delivered, and know my brand is in good hands with them.”

Jorge Cepeda, Jr., Vice President • Grow Seven

“Give Brand Shepherd a concept and just wait…you’ll be thrilled! In the past few years, we have introduced at least 10 new products. And, for each one of these, we have used Brand Shepherd to design our packaging. We meet with [Brand Shepherd], outline our ideas and our concepts. Then, we wait…and WOW! Dan and his team prove that we have made the right choice in design firms, bar none, every time! If we don’t LOVE what we get back in the first go around, which is unusual, we simply make a slight color suggestion or a slight tweak to lettering or image and it comes back perfect! I have never worked with a design team that is so good at listening…so intuitive about your needs…so concerned with absolute excellence! Your website, your packaging, your branding…it’s all who you are…and we trust who we are to Brand Shepherd!”

Cindy Lukacevic, Owner • Dinovite

Brand Shepherd does an amazing job! I highly recommend them… unless you’re going to take all their time because I don’t want to lose them from my team. Whatever you need they get it done. From 20 ft backdrops to my granola bar packaging they take my ideas and turn them into a reality!
Truly awesome!”

Amos Bartlett, Founder • Know Foods

“I carefully researched Web Designers in Cincinnati, to develop my site. In Brand Shepherd/Dan Crask, I found a mentor and devoted champion for my own brand. I’ve continued to be astonished by Dan’s ability to deliver quality work, on tight deadlines. I strongly recommend this creative, brilliant man. He will deliver and shepherd you, towards success.”

Angie Prewitt, Fashion Designer •

“Brand Shepherd created the brand elements and comprehensive equity for Petbrosia. Having worked with what is considered the top branding agencies in the world, I was amazed at how they delivered such superb work at a small fraction of the cost of others. Brand Shepherd delivered branding-from-scratch designed with a “web and mobile first” mindset, comprehensive equity guidelines, and thoughts of how the brand could come to life across marketing collateral. They kept a real-time collaborative work style (no “shows”) and delivered to a super-tight schedule. Brand Shepherd empowered Petbrosia to focus on what mattered…moving our business forward.

Keith Johnson, Founder • Petbrosia

“Brand Shepherd is an outstanding consultancy. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they are also exceptionally skilled at facilitating exploration of your options. They are great listeners, creative problem solvers, and an empowering trainer of the customer’s skill development.

“I enthusiastically recommend them for both shepherding your brand and promoting your business through social media.”

Christine Graeter RN MSN PhD • Director of Holistic Healing • The Healing Space of Cincinnati

“I had the pleasure of working with the Brand Shepherd team while at Petbrosia. From performing an entire UI / UX / Front-End redesign of our site to quickly turning over last-minute requests for print materials, they always acted with the utmost level of professionalism and care. When we had odd, difficult requests – no problem, they handled it. When we needed to perform fast design reviews and tighten deadlines – no problem, they handled it. When we would randomly shift gears and completely change our priorities, just like any reactionary startup – no problem, they handled it. And through it all, they never once compromised on design quality or functionality. I know very few agencies that are both talented enough to create incredible designs, but also goal-oriented enough to make bold moves and consistently produce results ahead of schedule. Not only is Brand Shepherd an agency that I personally trust and respect, but Dan leads an agency that stands as one of the finest agencies I’ve ever worked with.”

Austin Knight, UX and Acquisition Marketing Manager at Petbrosia

“Brand Shepherd recently finished designing a website for my client and the final design and the process that got us there was superlative. Brand Shepherd’s approach was patient during times when we repeatedly asked uninformed questions, they over delivered on promises and dealt with the proverbial hiccups quickly and professionally. They made the sometimes painful aspects of redesigning a website actually enjoyable. If you are looking for a design project and want the quality but not the expense and overhead of a large agency, Brand Shepherd is the firm for you.”

Tony Collins • Turning Point Marketing

“Brand Shepherd designed my clinic’s website, and the influx of new clients has been steadily increasing since we went live. On the first month of our new website, our business increased by almost 65%! They are dedicated, talented and genuinely interested in their client’s success! They are very talented professionals. They possess the rare combination of a creative mind that is also very practical and business-oriented. They are not only great at listening and honoring clients’ goals, but they are also helpful in the process of translating those goals into innovative and unique design ideas.”

Gigi Klimick • Klimick Acupuncture

“Recently I contracted the services of Brand Shepherd for the purpose of redesigning the blister card for my product, The Ultimate Stamp Dispenser. I was thoroughly impressed with their craftsmanship, their turnaround time, and their superior customer service. Even though I am probably one of their smaller and more particular customers, they treated me like I was their biggest and best customer. As a result, I strongly recommend Brand Shepherd to anyone in need of graphic design services!”

Jonathan Ludwig • Ultimate Products

“It is easy in this day to find many who pride themselves in being the best at one or two types of marketing efforts. The great thing about the the Brand Shepherd team, specifically Dan, is the vast knowledge of all forms of marketing. Dan has experience in so many different avenues of marketing a brand that whether you need a logo, a web site re-vamped, direct mail execution, packaging for a line of products rolled out or social media expertise, Dan is your guy. I would highly recommend Dan and Brand Shepherd for any type of need that requires making your company more visible to the intended audience, in-turn increasing revenue.”

Rebecca Craner • Cincinnati Printers

“Working with Dan has been an absolute pleasure. Dan is very professional and provides many experiences and a high level of creativity to his work. I would highly recommend Dan.”

Jaime Shoemaker • Healthy Attitudz

“Brand Shepherd’s work is like none other. They listened to our exact needs and delivered a quality solution. I would highly recommend Brand Shepherd for all of your graphic needs! They deliver a high-quality product, at a great value. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jacob Broderick

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