Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around our new website — our fifth website in our 12 years in business. Every-other-year we make it our goal to create a refreshed or totally new website that captures current and forthcoming best practices in branding and website creation. We then see how we do: are our web practices lasting the test of time? So far so good.

What’s new in this Brand Shepherd website.

1. Overhauled navigation.

The most-used part of any website is its navigation. The navigation bar truly is the lifeblood of a website because it what the brand uses to tell visitors what is important, and it’s what visitors use to get to where they want to go.

We overhauled our navigation to include totally new sections for Industries, What We Do, and News.

Search is now included, too. Up to this website, we let search out because, well, WordPress search has been pretty awful until recently. The new search capability within WordPress, however, is robust and useful.

Now, when you search for something, you get instant results from the search bar. Pick from one of the results, or view all the results on a page. It’s useful, and hopefully answers questions about our capabilities.

2. Industries Served

Perhaps the biggest change to our website is that we have grouped our work over the years into the various industries where we have developed niche expertise. Within each industry, you can find various examples of work. These are pages we will be adding to as well so that they become even more useful over time. To start, though, just showcasing that we know each of these industries very well is the best and most efficient place to start.

3. Get-To-The-Point Pages

We are respecters of time. With that in mind, we lead off with 2 buttons that instantly help the visitor who is short on time get to where they need questions answered. Our clientele boils down to Product Manufacturers and Professional Services. So we created a page for each where we provide a very short introduction on how we go about each niche, our core capabilities, and what we do. It’s simple and to-the-point.

4. What We Do

It’s the oldest question in business: “What do you do?” And with this overhauled set of content, we have thoroughly answered that question by providing all of our core services, explanations for each, and specific examples of each.

5. An honest news section.

It’s not that we were dishonest with our news section before, but, like so many businesses, our news section just didn’t get the frequent attention that it needed. So we call this “Occasional News From Brand Shepherd” to set the expectation better. Occasionally we’ll share an update or three of what is happening, and then it will be silent for months. Emphasis on Occasional, yet still worth the time.

There are more nuggets of goodness all over the website. Perhaps you noticed that we refreshed our own branding too? Or maybe the overhauled Team section in the Our Story page? How about signing up for new email announcements on our Contact page? Lots and lots of stuff that could be covered here, but we have client work to tend to, so we’ll leave this list at 5.

Everything on this website is what we believe are the present and forthcoming best practices in branding and website creation.

We would love to talk about how to help your brand thrive.