A new Brand Shepherd website is being built

If you have visited us a few times over the last six months, thank you! Yet, you may have noticed that portfolio updates have come to screeching halt.

There’s a good reason. Two of them, actually.

First, we’re off to the best start to a year in a long, long time. It’s the classic “shoemaker’s kids have no shoes” scenario!

Second, a totally new Brand Shepherd website is being built, and it’s our most intentional website yet. Rather than toss a lot of case studies and projects your way, we’re going to share more of what we’re doing in ways that you will be able to easily see how your brand can benefit from it too.

We’ve heard too many “I didn’t you know you guys did that!” So, now, it’s time to show you more of what we do every day.

The targeted launch for the website is Sept. 1 or sooner.

Again, a huge thanks to you who make all this possible. Brand Shepherd was not built as merely an effort of Andrea and Dan. It’s taken so many quality, longtime clients, vendors, and partners to put us here in our 13th year in business.


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