In late 2019, Brand Shepherd co-owners, Andrea and Dan Crask, uprooted their lives and businesses and relocated it all to the great state of Tennesse. Specifically, East Tennessee. And the countryside of Maryville, Tennessee in particular. Whew!

So as Brand Shepherd takes root in a new state and new business community, we thought it might be friendly of us to introduce ourselves to the many businesses around East Tennessee, since we’re a small business and won’t be able to stop by everyone’s office or grab coffee for introductions.

Since our About Us page, among many other pages, tell the story of what we do, we wanted to dedicate a News post to introduce ourselves to East Tennessee.

Here are 3 things we believe East Tennessee should know about Brand Shepherd.

3. Orange!

Long before we knew we would relocate to East Tennessee, we embraced orange as our brand color.

So it has been such a joy to encounter orange everywhere we go now that we are here!

No, we’re not hopping on a bandwagon with our orange logo, orange swag, and orange apparel. It’s a sign of unity that we already loved Big Orange before we arrived.

2. Referrals.

As of 2020, we enter into our 15th year in business, and it’s an honor to say that we have made it this far thanks to word-of-mouth referrals.

We have never used a paid marketing campaign to grow our business; all of our growth comes from very happy people who can’t seem to help but talk about us to their peers.

It’s our goal to build the same quality reputation here in East Tennessee, and that means we will be committed to the same levels of quality and integrity in everything we do for you.

1. Family.

From our very beginning, we wanted to be a business that did not dominate the lives of our stakeholders. Nearly all Brand Shepherd employees, including our co-founders, are parents, and we want our kids to have moms and dads who are present and available to them.

That is why most of our team work remotely and have since our start in 2006. We were the Gig Economy before it was cool 😎

What this means to you is that we work in such a way for Brand Shepherd clients that we would want our kids to follow in our footsteps.

So that’s a little about Brand Shepherd. As Andrea and Dan make the rounds as new members of the Blount County and Knoxville Chambers events, we hope some of these can be conversation starters, as we learn more about you.

In the meantime, if you would like to meet up for a talk or a meal, shoot us a message using the form below. We would be thrilled to meet you.