brand shepherd 2020 year in review podcast cover

Below are the notes used for the 2020 Year In Review podcast episode. The best way to understand these points is via the audio podcast which you can listen to through the player above or on your favorite podcast app.

2020 Year In Review

Key Takeaways

  • ECommerce wins big.
  • Brands saw lockdowns first as an opportunity.
  • Post-POTUS election, they braced for tax hikes.
  • Startups, startups, startups!
  • Normalization of the Brand Shepherd model.

Three trends to watch for in 2021:

  1. Buying convenience gets top priority, even for B2B. Ecomm, low/no-touch, tech — it’s all on the table.
  2. The decentralized brand has footing, now it thrives both products/services and teams.
  3. Less is more for website copy, packaging copy, and UX microcopy. The SEO mix now requires an expert. No longer a DIY addendum.

How 2020 changed Brand Shepherd

  • Honed focus on products paid off big time. They benefitted from working with us from idea development to production to marketing. Fast and efficient.
  • Yet we welcomed back former clients who don’t have products because the pandemic made us valuable.
  • Onward is our mantra moving forward into 2021 and beyond. Focus on brand and if that means services need our help, we’re here.

Onward.  It’s where we go from here.